Pepperoni Pizza


Our delightful handmade pizza base rests for 72 hours to give the dough the right time to raise and build the flavor. The margarita consists in 270 gr of pizza base, handmade tomato sauce topped with lots of mozzarella cheese. Our pepperoni have a mild spicy flavor and will be distributed evenly through the pizza in thin slices to amaze all the Pizza eaters in the table. This pizza is garnished with a sprinkle of oregano to add the final touch to your pizza!

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The flour we use is brought straight from Italy to give the original texture we are looking in our product. The tomatoes are also imported from Italy in order to keep the freshness of the Italian sauce. Our perfectly cut pieces of mozzarella will ensure the even melting so you will find cheese in every bite! All other ingredients are local

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Regular, Gluten free


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