Meeting Package

$30.00 per serve

Discover our all-inclusive food pack featuring a delightful combination of morning/afternoon tea, lunch, and a side dish.
Enjoy classics, fresh fruit, sandwiches/wraps/quiches, and a selection of salads. Savor the perfect blend of flavors and nourishment in one convenient package.

Minimum order: 6 serves

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Introducing our delicious food pack that includes a delightful combination of morning/afternoon tea, lunch, and a side dish.

Enjoy our Classic item selection along with a refreshing fruit platter, offering a variety of flavors to start your day or boost your energy.

Indulge in your choice of a scrumptious sandwich, flavorful wrap, or savory quiche from our selection. Each option is prepared with the finest ingredients to satisfy your taste buds.

Complete your meal with a fresh and vibrant salad. Choose from our selection of salads, each crafted with a perfect blend of ingredients to provide a wholesome and satisfying experience.

Experience a delightful culinary journey with our food pack, designed to provide a perfect balance of taste, freshness, and nourishment.

*Gluten free and vegan options available on request

Additional information

Morning/Afternoon Tea - includes a fresh fruit platter

Chocolate brownies*, Flaky butter croissants*, Banana bread, Chia pudding, Berry muffins, Carrot cake, Tangy lemon squares, Vainilla sponge cake, Bacon and egg roll, Avocado Roll

Lunch Vegetarian

Nothing, Vegetarian wrap, Veggie sandwich, Spinach and cheese quiche, Pumpkin and broccoli quiche, Spanish tortilla

Lunch with Meat

Nothing, Chicken salad wrap, Spring sandwich, Pepperoni and mozzarella sandwich, Tuna Sandwich, Smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, Pulled pork sandwich, Ham and cheese puff pastry pie


Couscous salad, Quinoa and sweet potato salad, Chimichurri Pasta salad, Roasted Potato and Green beans, Mediterranean


No, Focaccia (+ $7.00), Garlic bread (+ $7.00)

Coffee and Tea?

No, Yes (+ $3.00)

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