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$35.00 per serve

Introducing our food pack that includes Morning/Afternoon Tea, Lunch, and a selection of sides. Enjoy gourmet items, a fruit platter, hot dishes, and a variety of salads. Experience a delightful combination of flavors in one convenient package.

Minimum order: 6 serves

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Introducing our delectable food pack that includes a delightful combination of Morning/Afternoon Tea, Lunch, and Side dishes.

Indulge in our carefully curated Gourmet item selection, designed to satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving for more. From savory treats to sweet delights, our pack offers a diverse array of gourmet items that will tantalize your senses.

For those looking for a refreshing start to the day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, our Morning/Afternoon Tea selection is the perfect choice. Enjoy a variety of freshly baked pastries, aromatic teas, and delightful finger sandwiches that will surely awaken your taste buds.

When it’s time for a fulfilling and satisfying meal, our Lunch selection has you covered. Explore our hot dish selection, featuring a range of mouthwatering options that cater to different palates. Whether you prefer classic comfort food or bold international flavors, our pack offers a variety of choices to suit every preference.

To complement your meal, we have included a salad selection that is bursting with freshness and flavor. From crisp greens to vibrant vegetables, our salads are thoughtfully prepared to provide a healthy and delicious accompaniment to your main course.

In addition, our pack includes a visually appealing and appetizing fruit platter, adding a refreshing touch to your dining experience.

Experience a culinary journey like no other with our food pack, where every bite is a moment of pure bliss.

*Gluten free and vegan options available on request

Additional information

Morning/Afternoon Tea - includes a fresh fruit platter

Chocolate brownies*, Flaky butter croissants*, Banana bread, Chia pudding, Berry muffins, Carrot cake, Tangy lemon squares, Vainilla sponge cake, Bacon and egg roll, Avocado Roll


Meat balls with rice and Napoli sauce, Chimichurri Roast Chicken with gold potatoes, Spinach and ricotta lasagne, Beef lasagne


Couscous salad, Quinoa and sweet potato salad, Chimichurri Pasta salad, Roasted Potato and Green beans, Mediterranean


No, Focaccia (+ $7.00), Garlic bread (+ $7.00)

Coffee and Tea?

No, Yes (+ $3.00)

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