The History of Pizza in Australia

Pizza is a feel-good food that has been Australia’s go-to comfort food, party food and easy dinner for decades. This delicious delicacy is a favourite of many as it comes in a variety of flavours and can easily be customised to fit a range of dietary requirements.

But the history of pizza can be traced back centuries, before it made its way to Australia.

The Origin Story of Pizza

Enjoying a slice of bread with toppings has been

a staple across many different cultures. From the Greeks and Egyptians to the Persians and Indians, they all had their own method of baked bread with savoury toppings. Naans, flatbreads, and plakountos can be considered cousins to the Italian staple we eat today.

However, the mainstream pizza we have today was first made in a southern city in Italy known as Naples. Sold in the streets, the original Neapolitan pizza was considered to be peasant food as it was cheap and easy to make. Those of higher class often considered pizza to be disgusting before it was popularised by Queen Margherita.

At the same time, they were many Italians migrating to Argentina who created their own style of pizza — bready pies, smothered in cheeses and loaded with toppings. In 1893, Don Augustin Banchero came to Buenos Aires from Genoa and opened one of the country’s first pizzeria’s.

Bringing Pizza to Australia

Mid to late 19th century saw many European migrants come to Australia for better opportunities and with them they brought their delightful culture and cuisines. By the 1920s pizza had started to become more commonplace in the Australian food landscape. However, it wasn’t till post WWII — with the mass-migrations of Europeans — that the pizza obsession really started to boom. Toto’s Pizza House in Carlton, Victoria and Lucia’s Pizza & Spaghetti Bar in Adelaide were the pioneers of introducing pizza to this end of the globe.

Nowadays, we can find a variety of pizza styles, from traditional to gourmet or even fusion, across the nation.

Celebrate the Rich History of This Party Staple with All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Catering

In the quaint area of Byron Bay, our team at Byron Homemade Pizza continues to honour this classic cuisine with a bit of an Argentinian twist. We offer delicious pizzas for any function. Our mobile pizza cateringmeans we will come to you and set up an area for freshly baked pizzas for your guests to enjoy. Give us a call to discuss the history of pizza and catering for your future event.

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