About Us

Welcome to Byron Homemade Pizza

At Byron Homemade Pizza, we provide delicious homemade pizzas for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more. No matter what size or type of event you’re hosting, our mobile pizza catering is the perfect solution for all your party needs.

Our Story

Our story begins with 2 friends doing a university project. At that stage was Benjamin and Thomas (now living in Argentina) who started the foundations of one of the most popular pizza catering in Buenos Aires. With fresh and juvenile style “Un Tal Bartolo” was born.

After some years of working in Argentina, the team decided to migrate to Australia and try to expand the horizons. Bringing the original Argentinian Pizza Style, well known because of its pizza thinness and bbq cooking method, “Byron Homemade Pizza” disembark in Byron Bay to start a new era but this time were Damian and Benjamin who made the team.

With the popularity of our homemade product and the “All you can eat pizza” concept we started doing what we like: art with food. We started the amazing grazing tables and sweet party tables to provide a complete service for weddings and other functions. Continuing with our freshness and laid-back style we commence to offer a perfect solution for a more relax and social type of events.

After many years of constant compliments to our pizza base and stylish toppings we decide to go the extra mile, so we went into a new industry. We commence to prepack our fresh pizza and get into the wholesale. This was a solution to give everyone the opportunity to try our mouthwatering pizza in the comfort of their houses.

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